Research at ASCLab


Bi-modal Learning based Probabilistic Regression for Terrain Relative Navigation of Planetary Landers

Ickbum Kim, Sandeep Singh

Physics Informed Neural Networks for Autonomous Guidance of Low-thrust Spacecraft

Benjamin Seaman, Sandeep Singh

Point Cloud Random Consensus via Gaussian Process Regression for Image Based 3D Reconstruction

Ickbum Kim, Sandeep Singh

Orbit Maintenance strategy leveraging homeomorphic, periodic orbit revs in the Elliptical Restricted 3 Body Problem.

Kevin Alvarado, Sandeep Singh


Bayesian Fusion inspired upscaled 3D Scanning using a LiDAR - Stereo pair.

Ickbum Kim, Sandeep Singh

Autonomous Navigation for Planetary Landings: A cascading CNN Framework leveraging Synthetic Terrain Images.

Abigail Rolen, Sandeep Singh