"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. " - Ben Franklin

MANE 4100: Spaceflight Mechanics

Instructor: Dr. Sandeep Singh

Semesters Offered: Spring '23 (Enrolment: 81), Spring '24 (Enrolment: 76)

Topics Covered: Introduction to spatial (3D) dynamics; Particle kinetics; Orbital kinematics, Reference frames for Astrodynamics; Frame transformation; 2-Body Problem; Kepler’s Laws and Kepler Equation; Circular Restricted 3 Body Problem, Lagrange Points, Stability; Satellite orbits (orbit determination (Lambert's Problem, Gibbs' Method), Orbital Maneuvers, Rendezvous Transfers); Rocket Thrust, Rocket Design, Staging; Attitude Parametrization; Introduction to Analytical Mechanics.

ENGR 2090: Engineering Dynamics

Instructor: Dr. Sandeep Singh

Semesters Offered: Fall '22 (Enrolment: 26), Fall '23 (Enrolment: 28)

Topics Covered: Kinematics of Particles and Rigid Bodies; Kinetics of Particles and Rigid-Bodies using Newton’s Second Law, Work-energy for Particles and Rigid Bodies; Impulse-momentum for Particles and Rigid bodies, Introduction to Three-Dimensional Kinetics of Rigid Bodies.