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Conference Papers and Presentations, Aug 2023 - Present

Quasi_Halo_Earth_Moon (6).pdf
AAS-AIAA Presentation 2023.pdf

[1] Alvarado, Kevin, Singh, SK, AAS 23-131 Orbit Maintenance via Homeomorphic, Periodic Orbit Revs in the Elliptical Restricted Three Body Problem, 2023 AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, Big Sky, Montana. 


 [2] Kim, I., & Singh, S. (2023, October). Bayesian Fusion Inspired 3D Reconstruction via LiDAR-Stereo Camera Pair. In International Symposium on Visual Computing (pp. 299-310). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland. 

ISVC_AutoNav_CNN_Cascading (1).pdf

 [3] Rolen, A., & Singh, S. (2023, October). Autonomous Navigation via a Cascading CNN Framework Leveraging Synthetic Terrain Images. In International Symposium on Visual Computing (pp. 529-540). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland. 


 [4] Kim, I., & Singh, S. (2024, February). Novel Random Consensus - Bayesian Regression based Point Cloud Denoising. 46th Rocky Mountain AAS GN&C Conference, Breckenridge, Colorado.